Welcome to Flack and Stone, your hometown Oral Surgeons. We are pleased to be here to take care of your Surgical needs. We will be answering the most common pre-operative and post-operative questions.

1: Can I drink through a straw?

Contrary to common belief it is okay to drink liquids through a straw as long as the fluid is similar to water or pineapple juice. If you want to have a liquid similar to a milk shake then you may use a spoon.

2: I have a retainer to wear at nighttime, can I wear it?

You may wear your retainer but it may be better to wait a full 24 hours until you it is worn.

3: When can I brush my teeth?

You may brush your teeth the night of the procedure, but be sure to be careful around the extraction sites. It would be best to brush the areas in front of the extraction sites.