Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom tooth is the most common unerrupted tooth in the mouth. They are called the wisdom teeth because they normally come into the mouth between the ages of 17-24, which was known as the “age of wisdom”. Often times there is not enough room for these teeth and they become impacted.

The worst thing to do is to ignore these teeth. If left alone and ignored, they can cause bone loss on nearby teeth, cavities on the wisdom teeth or nearby teeth and may cause cysts or tumors within the bone. Waiting to act on these teeth may increase the risk and complications of these teeth. However, if the wisdom teeth do grow into the mouth and are cleaned and cared for, they may never cause problems and be kept for a lifetime.

Indications to remove Wisdom teeth:

  • Infection
  • Cavities
  • Cysts, tumors
  • Bone loss on near teeth
  • Damage to nearby teeth